CSL 130/80

In order to reduce the problems incurred in the production of complex PCB’s, CEDATEC srl has developed a new laminating system.

Dry-film is laminated by means of heated rollers with a diameter of 130 mm (5”).

This system can laminate successfully even onto surfaces with high porosity.

  • Input conveyor with adjustable alignment centering guide device (soft contact).
  • Lamination width: 620 mm (24.5”).
  • Panel thickness 0.1 – 5 mm (0.05 – 8 mm as optional)
  • Laminating system by means of two heated rollers with a diameter of 130 mm (5”) to ensure perfect uniformity during application of dry-film.
  • Dry-film roller supports complete with tensioning device.
  • Output conveyor to facilitate cutting of dry-film.
  • Exhaust system for fumes generated during the dry-film lamination
  • Touch screen for an user friendly operation

For more information, ask for the datasheet pdf

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