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Specially designed for any today needs, the new MONOLAMINATION MLP 62M combines the high temperature accuracy of the two hot platens that heating up the stack, along with the pressure system made by an air-booster which guarantees a perfect material thickness and planarity.
The high temperature of 400°C (750F) is an optional that allow to process any material available nowadays in the market.
Material quality improvement is evident same as the cost saving which bring the MLP 62M the most advanced Press available in the market.
Heating profile with Pressure, Vacuum and all other cycle parameters are controlled by PLC and Touch-Screen.
New Software platform Cedatec System© with centralized data-collection is also available (Industry 4.0 complies).

  • Best material quality

  • High dimensional stability

  • High temperature accuracy

  • Improves overall quality

  • Running cost saving

  • Small footprint

For more information, ask for the datasheet pdf

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